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Attention Growers

2015 Membership Invoices

Our 2015 membership invoices are currently in the mail to all members. The invoices cover the Coalition’s activities from July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015. We were able to finalize our membership dues this year after the State Water Resources Control Board adopted their fee for irrigated lands at $0.75 per acre on September 23. The total due for members of the Coalition for 2015 are $2.15 per acre plus a per member administrative fee of $26. This amount is inclusive of the State Board’s Fee.

The invoices that are being sent to each member are based upon your reported irrigated acres for the prior year. If there are changes to your irrigated acres from the prior year, please make those changes on the invoice and recalculate your total irrigated acres and amount due. Please send your updated invoice back to the Coalition along with your dues by November 15, 2014. We need to receive your dues by that date in order to maintain your membership. The Coalition is responsible for transmitting each members State Board Fee of $0.75 per acre shortly after the due date.

If you have further questions, please contact Coalition staff either by email at or by phone at (559) 365-7958. For anupdate of the Coalition’s recent activity, please see our see our latest newsletter here.